Sunday, April 22, 2012

Potty Training Test

We're in no hurry to potty train Noelle. I think diapers are a lot easier than several "I have to go potty" requests while out running errands; especially since Noelle can't yet say "I have to go potty".  =)  While at Target today, though, I noticed a little potty for only $12 and thought, 'why not get one in the house and have her get used to the idea?'. So, home the potty came.

When we arrived home from a trip to the park this afternoon (side note: just because she asked to go in the jogging stroller, I shouldn't have any expected that she'd be happy about it 15 minutes later) I told Noelle that I had to go potty and asked if she wanted to come (side note 2: She always wants to come. If I go without her, she'll stand outside the door crying. How long before I can 'go' alone?).

So, in she came and she spotted her new little potty. A little chair? She knew instantly it was for her. She plopped down in front of me. Then, however, she noticed my pants were down. So, she wanted her pants down too. No worries, easy enough. No pants wasn't enough though, that's not even! She demanded all of her clothes be taken off. Eh, I went with it. Then she decided to really examine her new throne:

How DOES this thing work?

A little curiosity is a good thing, right? Well, when I turned around to put the camera back down she peed all over the floor. No biggie, except she slipped in it before I got back and scared herself half to death. Sigh, mommy fail. I was sure I had just scared her away from the toilet forever. Fifteen minutes later, though, clean and happy after her bath, she headed back to give it another try:

I'll leave my clothes on for now

Okay, good, she's not afraid of it. A few hours later, after pooping her diaper, she ran in and pointed to her little potty... asking me to take her clothes off again. Uh, we have the order wrong, but the concept is right! Maybe this potty training thing is closer then I think.*

* After she was in bed I went to the restroom (alone for the first time all day!) and saw that she had put a square, just one, of toilet paper in her new potty. I almost died laughing!

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