Sunday, April 8, 2012

Holiday Weekend Fun

We have had a eventful holiday weekend. On Saturday, I finally decided that I had 'had it' with our cheap, plastic trash can and that we absolutely had to do buy a nice stainless steel one. Irrational? Perhaps, I blame the pregnancy. While out on our 'emergency' shopping trip, we were able to have some fun, though =)

First whoopie pie - success!

Fountains are fun!

Noelle started Easter off right by coming into the bedroom with a bag of jelly beans and asking me to open them. Jelly beans before 8am? Check! Clearly, if you've looked at this blog at all you can tell we aren't on the latest bandwagon of keeping kids away from sugar. The day only got better from there with a lot of Easter traditional fun.

Easter basket mayhem

 Coloring the 'right' way

Egg hunting

Enjoying the efforts of the hunt!

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