Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend Relaxing

We hope you all had a wonderful three-day weekend! After our busy trip to LA last week, we took advantage of the extra time by having a low-key, sun-filled, R&R weekend.

Sunday morning we spent some quality time outside. While Alex was doing the first 8 miles of his 14 mile run, Noelle and I took in the local wildlife down by the bay:

Lots of baby geese!

What are those things? 

Then, the jogging stroller and we joined Alex for his last 6 miles along the waterfront. Six miles was pushing the limit of Noelle's endurance in the stroller, but she was a real trooper. After, she practiced proper long-run recovery with Daddy.

Re-hydrating together

Today Alex took care of some very important house-hold task; returning & replacing a broken microwave and getting us dinner! While at the store, he treated Noelle to a special ride, the shopping cart with a 'kid car' attached.

Now this is the way to travel!*

Finally, we spent some time simply relaxing and playing ball in the front yard. At one point, Noelle asked/demanded for my sweatshirt =) We were all sad to see our low-key weekend come to an end!

Jedi Noelle pointing out an airplane

Why are we stuck in the back yard alone?

* Alex would like others to learn from his experience: Do not position the cart such that the toddler is within arms-reach of candy. Just a tip!


  1. Noel + candy = Nom Nom Nom

    1. Ha, indeed. You would have thought Alex would have learned this lesson the first time w/ you guys =)