Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pasadena Half Marathon

Last Sunday Alex and I had a wonderful time running the Pasadena Half Marathon! Noelle's Aunt Stacy and Uncle Ian kept her at their apartment the night before the race so Alex and I could relax and enjoy our race day. Thanks, guys!

Happy at the finish! (credit)

Last year, when Alex was a  resident adviser at Avery, we ran a training group together for some undergraduates to prepare for the 2011 half marathon. Due to a wedding, we weren't able to run the actual race ourselves. So, we promised to come back and run it with them in 2012. Little did I know when I made that promise that I'd be 6 months pregnant. I am so glad that we made that commitment though, because it served to motivate me to keep running a lot and complete a half marathon at 27 weeks pregnant; something I probably wouldn't have done without the extra support.

The whole event really couldn't have gone smoother. I love small(er) marathons for that. Plus, we really made things easy on ourselves by staying at a hotel, the Saga Motor Hotel, located right at the start/finish line. The hotel even let us use their conference room, free of charge, to host a little pre-race breakfast with our group!

Before; all ready to run

After; happy to be done!*
This was the 4th running of the Pasadena Marathon and the third time Alex and I have run the half marathon together. We completed the 2009 race and then the 2010 race, when I was 14 weeks pregnant with Noelle (running a half at 14 weeks is easier then at 27 weeks, ha!). I'm a little sad that we likely won't be doing this race again; we have had so much fun doing it =) 

* Don't worry, everyone finished and we didn't lose five people; we just couldn't find everyone for a post-race picture because some folks finished too far ahead of us. I blame the baby bump =)

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  1. Love those pics, it was an exciting and a great race event. Looking forward always for more updates, Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done.