Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello from Ithaca, NY!

Taughannock Falls (link)

Our week of house hunting and relaxing in Ithaca, NY has flown by! It's hard to believe that we'll be on our way back to San Francisco tomorrow morning. Of course, we miss Noelle like crazy! If it weren't for the fact that she's in CA, though, we might not get on that plane tomorrow =)

It was fun to revisit some of our old favorite restaurants and locations this week. One of which being Taughannock Falls (above). This afternoon we went up the west side of Cayuga Lake to some of our old favorite wineries. Our afternoon looked like this:

Don't you feel sorry for us?

While we're just as close to Napa where we live in the Bay Area, wine tasting in NY is just so much easier and more relaxed. We don't care if the wines aren't *quite* as good in NY, and we'll take a $2 wine tasting (with cheese!) in NY over the $20 Napa tastings any day!

House Hunting: Cutting to the chase, we didn't find a house - yet. The week, however, was extremely productive on that front. We now have a very good idea of the local market and reassurance (from our agent and from the recent sales history) that what we're looking for is likely to come available within our time frame. Most importantly, we've settled on our target area, which will make remote searching much easier.

Now, we can go back to CA and relax some... focusing on Noelle and the impeding arrival of baby girl =)

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