Saturday, June 16, 2012

My First Pool

Today was a banner water day for Noelle. First, Daddy took her to a baby-and-me swim class this morning. The teacher asked Alex why Noelle was in that class. Kiddos are supposed to be in that class until they are 2.5 years old (9 months away for Noelle!). Noelle, however, is so tall for her age that she looks like she belongs in the next class. Sorry baby girl, next summer =)

After so much fun at the pool this morning (and because the weather was too hot for the park) we decided to double up with a water-filled afternoon. We headed to Target and scored an inflatable baby pool for $20. Here's how it went over:

I've got this

Time for the water (don't mind the baby bump sneaking into the picture!)

This is awesome!

Yeah, I'm a cutie

You would expect that after all that play Noelle would be exhausted. True to form, however, she was ready for some more silliness in Mommy's shoes =)

Look, they fit!

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