Monday, July 30, 2012

Alex Ran a Marathon!

Happy to see daddy at the finish!

A huge 'Congratulations!' to Alex, who completed his first marathon yesterday! San Francisco Marathon has one of the more challenging (i.e. hilly) courses and Alex walked away from it saying the hills 'weren't that bad'! Good job, honey =)

The weekend festivities started with a trip to the race expo on Friday, where Alex picked up his official number and shirt.

See the caption? Hilly, indeed!

Then, on Saturday, we all headed into the city for some serious carbo-loading. Noelle had this step covered. Look at her spaghetti dinner. That's the 'kids' meal! It was almost completely gone by the end of the dinner (Dad may have helped some).

I love any reason to eat spaghetti!

Saturday evening brought early bedtimes for everyone. While most marathons start early, San Francisco starts especially early to preserve the ability to run across the Golden Gate Bridge (twice!). As usual, Noelle was a trooper and went right to sleep, even though she was in a strange place. It may have helped that she got to sleep with Mom, maybe.

Sunday was the big day. Not ones for unnecessary early mornings, Noelle and I opted out of the start, but headed to the course a little later to cheer Alex on. We caught up with him at mile 21, just after the course leaves Haight St. This is a good point for a pick-me-up, since the most boring miles of the course follow right after. 

Daddy's cheering section!

Coming in...


Poor Noelle, of course, didn't understand what was going on and she got  soooo upset when Daddy ran away without her! She started crying, yelled 'Dada' and tried to go after him. It was both sad and endearing. Fortunately, Mom had a secret weapon (aka jelly beans) that soon set things right. Though, she continued to say 'Dada?' with a little whimper in between sugary mouth-fulls =(

While Alex still had 5+ miles to run, Noelle and I had an easy trip to the finish via the BART (subway). The train was a good distraction for Noelle, and then she was very happy when we saw Daddy at the finish! All-in-all, it was a very successful marathon weekend!

The finish is in sight!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Co-Sleeper Set Up

What a neat little bed!

I have been gradually getting things ready around the house for baby girl. There are still a few things we need, but for the most part we're ready should little miss decide to make an early appearance. Tonight we tackled the last major item on the list; getting the co-sleeper (a bassinet that can attach to the bed or be free standing) out of storage and cleaned up.

Noelle was immediately infatuated with it. I don't think she can possibly remember it (she slept in it until she was 6 months old), but she knew right away what it was for... sleeping!

I think I'll sleep right here.

It's hard to believe that she ever fit in there... let alone with extra space. Here she is in it when she was about 1 month old:

See, she fit in there at one time =)

We learned very quickly that letting Noelle get into the co-sleeper was a mistake. She didn't want to get out! Perhaps she just liked the snugness of the little bed or the fact that it was in Mom and Dad's room. Whatever it was, she was NOT happy when we told her she had to go 'night night' in her bed. Many tears followed. 

After a few minutes we thought to take a different approach. We told her that the co-sleeper was for little babies; true statement, anyway. So, we went and got one of her little baby dolls and put it to sleep in the co-sleeper. This seemed to make everything okay and she finally consented to head towards her toddler bed =)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Grandma Brock's Visit

Liking the carousel more and more each time!

Noelle had another banner weekend of being spoiled by a grandma! This week, her Grandma Brock came for a visit. One must-visit location was the Tilden Park Carousel (again!). Noelle is loving the carousel now. The trip was made even better by her sparkly red shoes. She wouldn't leave home without them =)
We rounded out the weekend with another visit to Tilden Park; this time to animal farm. Great progress has been made in Noelle's enjoyment of the animal farm since we moved here last year. Initially, she was (rightfully) afraid of all the animals. Now that she's used to them, however, she has a great time! It definitely helps that she knows all of the animals by their noises. She can't say 'cow', but she'll point to the cow and say 'Mooooo!'.

Watching Mommy feed 'Bessie'

The only thing she isn't comfortable with yet is feeding the cows. I don't blame her; those cows have some big tongues! She is A-okay with feeding the smaller sheep and goats, however. I'm sure after one or two more visits she'll be running up to the cows with some lettuce too!

Feeding mama goat...

...and then baby goat.

Enjoying a hard-earned snack of raspberries =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pictures from Grandma Hayes' Visit

Alex is out of town this week enjoying some cooler temps in Flagstaff, AZ. So, I'm going to steal some pictures from Noelle's visit with her Grandma a few weeks ago for an update =) Unfortunately, Grandma isn't actually in any of the pictures! Next time we'll have to get some good shots while Mom and Dad are still around!

 Check out my new shades!

 Oh, mice are interesting.

 Relaxing to Sesame Street

Very fancy hairdo!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

We hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Ours was spent enjoying our town's local festival.

When we moved here in June last year we weren't 'in the know' and completely missed out on the awesome festival that our town, El Cerrito, puts on. It shocked us just how many rides, games, and food options were available! Several streets and a huge local park were overrun with the festivities!

Noelle loved loved loved all of the activities. We couldn't believe how 'into' the whole thing she was. She marched around the crowds like she owned the place and dove head first into all of the rides and attractions - no shyness or hesitation here!

No ride escaped her notice and if it was something not suitable for her, she was very upset when we didn't take her on it. Truth be told, she got to do quite a few things that really weren't suitable for an under two-year-old! I see a lot of carnival time in our future =)

Delicious and nutritious!

Snow cones, where have you been all my life?

Seriously, the little kids train? Take me back to the spinning thing.

Okay, the bounce house I like!