Monday, July 30, 2012

Alex Ran a Marathon!

Happy to see daddy at the finish!

A huge 'Congratulations!' to Alex, who completed his first marathon yesterday! San Francisco Marathon has one of the more challenging (i.e. hilly) courses and Alex walked away from it saying the hills 'weren't that bad'! Good job, honey =)

The weekend festivities started with a trip to the race expo on Friday, where Alex picked up his official number and shirt.

See the caption? Hilly, indeed!

Then, on Saturday, we all headed into the city for some serious carbo-loading. Noelle had this step covered. Look at her spaghetti dinner. That's the 'kids' meal! It was almost completely gone by the end of the dinner (Dad may have helped some).

I love any reason to eat spaghetti!

Saturday evening brought early bedtimes for everyone. While most marathons start early, San Francisco starts especially early to preserve the ability to run across the Golden Gate Bridge (twice!). As usual, Noelle was a trooper and went right to sleep, even though she was in a strange place. It may have helped that she got to sleep with Mom, maybe.

Sunday was the big day. Not ones for unnecessary early mornings, Noelle and I opted out of the start, but headed to the course a little later to cheer Alex on. We caught up with him at mile 21, just after the course leaves Haight St. This is a good point for a pick-me-up, since the most boring miles of the course follow right after. 

Daddy's cheering section!

Coming in...


Poor Noelle, of course, didn't understand what was going on and she got  soooo upset when Daddy ran away without her! She started crying, yelled 'Dada' and tried to go after him. It was both sad and endearing. Fortunately, Mom had a secret weapon (aka jelly beans) that soon set things right. Though, she continued to say 'Dada?' with a little whimper in between sugary mouth-fulls =(

While Alex still had 5+ miles to run, Noelle and I had an easy trip to the finish via the BART (subway). The train was a good distraction for Noelle, and then she was very happy when we saw Daddy at the finish! All-in-all, it was a very successful marathon weekend!

The finish is in sight!

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