Monday, July 16, 2012

Grandma Brock's Visit

Liking the carousel more and more each time!

Noelle had another banner weekend of being spoiled by a grandma! This week, her Grandma Brock came for a visit. One must-visit location was the Tilden Park Carousel (again!). Noelle is loving the carousel now. The trip was made even better by her sparkly red shoes. She wouldn't leave home without them =)
We rounded out the weekend with another visit to Tilden Park; this time to animal farm. Great progress has been made in Noelle's enjoyment of the animal farm since we moved here last year. Initially, she was (rightfully) afraid of all the animals. Now that she's used to them, however, she has a great time! It definitely helps that she knows all of the animals by their noises. She can't say 'cow', but she'll point to the cow and say 'Mooooo!'.

Watching Mommy feed 'Bessie'

The only thing she isn't comfortable with yet is feeding the cows. I don't blame her; those cows have some big tongues! She is A-okay with feeding the smaller sheep and goats, however. I'm sure after one or two more visits she'll be running up to the cows with some lettuce too!

Feeding mama goat...

...and then baby goat.

Enjoying a hard-earned snack of raspberries =)

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