Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brock Grandparents' Visit

Today marks the end of our first grandparents' visit. Grandma and Grandpa Brock have had some wonderful quality time with their little granddaughters.

Meeting little Cora

Quality snuggle time

Noelle received her fair share of special grandparent time too! There were many park trips and, of course...:

Animal Farm!

Hello little bunny

No trip to Tilden Park would be complete without a carousel  ride!

I like this more and more each time!

Finally, Grandma and Grandpa of course came bearing gifts. Some were from them and others from some gracious friends. This outfit below was actually a gift for Cora. We let Noelle open it though, and as soon as she saw it she started stripping her clothes so she could put it on, she liked it so much. Fortunately, it's 24 month size, so, it would fit her. We'll still have it around when Cora is big enough to wear it =)

If it fits me then it's for me!


I'm already 1 week old!

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