Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I won the bet

Pregnancy is long and boring; especially towards the end. So, Alex and I entertained ourselves by betting - on the baby. Good times!

Our favorite bet was about the weight - it's an easy target, being a number and all. Admittedly, I had an advantage here since I was actually carrying the child. Being the one who was pregnant, I deserved an advantage in something.

Our cutoff weight was 7.5 lbs. Alex thought Cora would be under that, I guessed over. I won, just by a bit =) Tonight I got to enjoy my prize:

Takeout Sushi - I have missed you*

There was more good food today too. Grandma Hayes sent a wonderful care package from Edibles. The fruit bouquet was favored by me. Noelle, however, preferred the chocolate covered options - shocking!
*Almost* too pretty to eat


Cora had a busy day for her part. Being 2 days old is a lot of work! We continue to enjoy our small sphere of new-baby life. We'll be rejoining the real world at some point.**

High-tech weighing device used by the home-visit nurse*** =)

Nap time with Daddy

Sleeping like an old pro (for a little while, anyway!)

*Dr.s currently tell pregnant women not to eat sushi. Japanese women everywhere must be laughing at this.

** Did I hear something about this being an election year?

*** Turns out insurance companies LOVE you if you leave the hospital early (aka save them money). They love you so much they'll agree to send a nurse to your home to check on you and your baby =)

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