Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This morning was a big milestone for our little girls; they each 'met' their sister for the first time!

While I rested up, Alex fetched Noelle for a quick hospital visit. When she first came into the room she was very happy to see Mama:

Where were you last night?

Two seconds later, though, she let out a cry of 'Baby!' when she caught sight of Cora in the room. Some careful inspection was required:

Huh, let me see...

...I approve. She can come home with us.

Since the pediatrician hadn't visited yet, we didn't know if we could go home today or not. (Fortunately, I feel great and my Dr. approved of an early release). So, Alex took Noelle back to daycare. Once the Pediatrician came and signed off on Cora's check-out, we decided to pack it up and all head home.

When we got Noelle home again, the first thing she did upon seeing the baby was grab a blanket to help her go 'night night'. So cute.

Night night, baby

It's not all rosy of course; this will still be a hard adjustment for Noelle. She got especially upset when she wanted me and I was nursing Cora. Still, though, we seem to be off to a good start now that everyone is comfortably resting at home =)

Comfy in her co-sleeper


  1. Both of your daughters are so beautiful! Congratulations!!

  2. These photos are priceless! Congratulations!!!!!!