Monday, August 6, 2012

Wet Dog

One of the best things about the greyhounds is how little grooming they require. With super short and thin coats, they rarely need brushing or baths. Every so often, though, the are subjected to the cruel torture that is a bath. Yesterday was one of those days.

First up - Suka

Noelle thought this was great fun; a water activity! She optimistically brought her swimsuit into the bathroom, hoping there was something in it for her. Unfortunately, this was a doggie-only water activity. Suka was not so thrilled as Alex scrubbed her down in the standing shower.

While we were distracted with getting Ezra into the shower (he saw what happened to Suka and wanted none of it), Noelle opened the back door for Suka. Normally, this is just fine; one less time we have to let the dogs out. A newly washed, still wet Suka, however, headed straight for her digging hole and 2 minutes later looked like this:

Sigh, round two for Suka...

Ezra got a 5 minute reprieve from the shower while Suka was washed again =) Finally, though, his number was up:

Darn it, I'm wet!

Still wet, but now I'm clean, at least

All of the dog washing excitement made Noelle a little hyper. We unwisely tried to do a mother/daughter picture soon after. This is as close as we got =)

I'm going to get that camera!

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