Friday, September 7, 2012

Boo Boo

Alex and I keep (half) joking about the number of emergency room visits we'll have to take with Noelle. She is extremely strong and big for her age, completely fearless, and has no concept of what is actually dangerous - despite all of our warnings. Yesterday, we had our first TWO near emergency room visits with Noelle.

Injury #1 was sustained when she launched herself off a chair and landed head first on the sharp edge of the metal bed frame.

A boo boo like this deserves a juice box

Fortunately for the viewer, the bruise and swelling don't show up very well in the picture =) We were terribly alarmed at first because we didn't realize that, at this age, injuries swell (and then go down) extremely fast. Not two minutes after the fall she had an egg-sized lump on her forehead and we were on the phone with the Dr.! He assured us, though, it would likely go down just as fast and, in fact, a half hour later or so it did look much better!

Injury #2 came when Noelle figured out how to turn on the electric stove burner... and then touched it (I cannot even estimate the number of times we have prevented this and tried to explain to Noelle how 'hot' the stove can be). Fortunately, Alex was right there and was able to pull her hand away as soon as it happened. So, the only damage is a small burn.*

On Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next month or so I'm teaching a SAT prep class. When I got home last night, right before Noelle's bed time, she ran up to me and said 'boo boo', holding out her finger for me to kiss and make it better. Poor girl had a rough day!

Cora update: The little miss is continuing to do well. At her two week Dr. appointment she already weighed 10 lbs, 10 oz., having gained a pound and a half! I was shocked because 1. most babies are just getting back to birth weight around now, and 2. that's more then a pound higher then Noelle was at two weeks and Noelle was almost off the weight chart. Geez, someone please explain to my girls that growing isn't a race =)

Cora at two weeks

For comparison, here is Noelle at two weeks:
Noelle at two weeks

Do you think the girls look alike?

*Now we have to devise a way to either keep her out of the kitchen or prevent her from turning on the burners. Right now, I have little bowls covering the knobs she can reach (at least we'll hear her remove a bowl first). I'm considering just removing those knobs all together, since we almost never need all the burners at once.

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  1. Oh no! ouch! Boo boo's for Noelle, little heart attacks for Mom & Dad. p.s It's remarkable how alike Cora and Noelle look.