Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching Up

Last week the girls' grandparents were visiting. Noelle especially had a wonderful time with all of the extra attention and outings. Every time grandma and grandpa asked Noelle if she wanted to go somewhere, she simply turned to me and yelled 'Bye!' =)

The girls with Grandma and Grandpa Hayes

Cora's one-monthiversary snuck up on us last week! She checked out a-okay at her one-month Dr. appointment; already weighing 12 lbs and 4 oz! She is also starting to pay more attention to the outside world. Here she is checking out the view from the kitchen window while getting her bath =)

One month old!

As she gets a 'little' older it is easier to see the differences in the girls' appearance. Babies change so fast! Cora is a little bigger than Noelle was and appears like she'll have a little more Hayes (vs Brock) in her. It looks like she has escaped my long face, at least!

Cora (left) and Noelle (right) at one month old

Noelle is a wonderful little helper with Cora. When she's not helping, she's either kissing Cora or taking care of one of her baby dolls. 


Tummy time together

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