Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodbye, VW Golf =(

When I graduated undergrad in 2004 my parents gave me two wonderful presents: 1) zero debt and 2) my beloved VW Golf:

My first car!*

This little car and I have covered a lot of distance together over the last 8 years:
  • countless trips from WI to NY and NY to MA
  • one of my friends learned to drive in this car - in Ithaca - in December!
  • moves from Ithaca to Boston, Boston to LA, and LA to San Francisco
  • in fall 2006, I had an amazing road trip solo from Boston to LA
  • 5 YEARS of LA rush hour traffic
  • I went from being 'single' (unmarried), to a wife, dog owner x2, and mommy x2!
Unfortunately, that last bullet means our family has outgrown this little car that I love so much.

We have been preparing to sell it (new tires, new battery, odds and ends repairs, etc). Then, last week I went and smashed in the hood (see below). Smooth, Lindsey. So, our time-table for saying good bye to the little golf was moved up a few months.

Rather than fix the hood only to turn around and sell the car, we decided to spare ourselves the aggravation and sell the car damaged. Between the insurance payment and the damaged sale value, we netted about the same $ anyway.

Even though this was an inevitable transition, I was very sad to say good bye to my car!

Bye bye, car =(
Since it has been about a week since a post on the girls, here's a quick update.

Noelle learned how to open the 'Lazy Susan' cupboard where we keep most of the kitchen staples and started helping herself to whatever she wanted:

Mmmmm, raisins!

She also received a wonderful care package with both new and hand-me-down clothes. 
Happy Day!

Cora, on the other hand, has been doing a lot of this:

and this:

While not as entertaining as Noelle, she sure is adorable =)**

* That is some LONG, color treated hair. 

** Note that in one picture she's on a bed and the second she's on our couch. We can't get that girl to sleep in her crib for anything. Sigh. 

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  1. Wow, end of an era. She was a good car, that VW. We are starting to think about getting a larger vehicle too...