Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Cora is already two weeks old. Yikes, time flies. Two weeks later, holding her little sister is still the highlight of Noelle's day:

Too cute =)

I am happy to hit the two-week-post-delivery mark, since that was my self-imposed rest period. Finally, this morning, while Alex did some work, the girls and I made it out for our first run* together.

The new and improved jogging stroller in action

Alex then gave me some cuddle time with Cora while he took Noelle to the park. Well, the park was the plan, anyway. They ended up at a toy store and came home with a full-body monkey suit for Noelle (better pics of this to come soon).

Our little monkey

Okay, so I thought that was funny. That is until I went in to check on a napping Cora and found this:

Our little monster!

Alex sneaked into her room, put her in the costume and got her back to sleep. Impressive! I almost died laughing. At least we're having fun with the kiddos, right?

After that, everyone needed a proper nap.

Daddy's Cora time

And, of course, what day would be complete without brownies?

The batter is the best part!

* I use the term 'run' liberally. Really, it was just a two mile run/walk =)

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