Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting ready for cold weather

Yay, we're moving to Ithaca! The date is finalized and plane tickets are purchased; it's the first week of December! Oh, ahem. It will be cold.

No worries, we can handle this. Easy-peasy: buy coats!

All ready!*

Cora doesn't even need a coat; the 'warm snuggly' that fits into her carseat and a nice hat should do fine. It's not like she'll be running around any time soon. Alex and I already have the gear**. So, we're all done.

Then the company moving the dogs (they'll be shipped via ground) called to remind us that we need to send coats with them since they're greyhounds. Greyhounds, for all intensive purposes, are naked. The have almost no body fat and very thin coats. Ahh, not quite done with the winter gear yet!

I love my dogs, but I'm not going to buy them $100 coats. Sorry, guys. So, the girls and I hit up a fabric store earlier this week and got to work. (Side story; Noelle + aisles of fabric = hysterical running & laughing. She loved it there. Other shoppers helped me keep track of her with yells of 'she's over here!'. Next time, we're going in with her strapped into a stroller =))

We picked out some super warm fleece for the inner layer and waterproof nylon for the shell. $30 and a few hours later we had:

Doggie coats!

The dogs were even good sports about trying them on and modeling. 
Catching Suka's good side

They're even comfortable

When I have a little extra time/motivation (right) I'll make some coats for fall/spring temps. At least we have the essential cold weather gear covered***.

* There are hats, gloves, boots, and a snowsuit too. We wouldn't just throw her out there with only a coat.
** Gear that we've been dragging around and not using for the six years were were in California. It probably would have been less aggravation to have gotten rid of our coats and bought new ones now =)
*** Technically, they need booties too. Boots. For dogs. Arg. I'll get to that eventually.

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  1. Wow, really impressed with those greyhound jackets you made. Cool!