Friday, November 30, 2012

More Thanksgiving Pictures!

By popular demand, here are some more family pictures from Thanksgiving weekend =)

Story time

Lunch break

Mmmm, desert!

Bath party =)

My, what a beautiful fairy you are

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Visits!

My goodness, the Thanksgiving weekend flew by and we're only just catching our breath. We all had so much fun that I think we're still dizzy!

The Thanksgiving highlight for Noelle (aside from a drop-in visit from her Daddy) was meeting my cousin Laura's two little girls*. Noelle was glued to Mercedes (6) and Catalina (4); she literally didn't take her eyes off of them and followed every move they made =)

Look at our fairy wands...

...and our wings!**

The crew: Lindsey, Alex, Laura - holding Cora, Catalina (blocked by Noelle), my sister Stacy, Mercedes (in the wings!), and Sarah (Ian's, my brother-in-law, sister) and her 16-month-old-son, Alex.
After Thanksgiving things only got better; we received a visit from Noelle and Cora's great-grandparents! My father's mom & dad made a trip up to meet/see all of their great-grandkids!

My grandparents, Francis & Camilla Brock, with their great-grandchildren Noelle, Jack & Cora

Hanging out with Jack

The girls, hanging out

Noelle also conducted a huge right of passage - hanging her first Christmas tree ornament! It was a wonderful, family-filled long weekend!

So pretty

Trying on her new holiday dress

Hello there, little man

* Does that make these girls second cousins? I have no idea.
** I ordered these crafts for the girls from Kiwi Crate; awesome product!

Friday, November 16, 2012


On Monday the girls and I completed the first leg of our move; flying to WI to spend a month with my parents. Thank goodness Southwest just started direct flights from San Francisco to Milwaukee. Having our flight be direct made the trip so much easier!

The highlight of Noelle's and Cora's trip so far has been meeting their cousin Jack.

Hanging out on the play mat

Jack was born to my sister Stacy and brother-in-law Ian just 11 days before Cora. So, these lucky kiddos will be growing up together =)

That's a lot of baby!

Cora also really enjoyed meeting her Aunt Stacy!

Hello there =)

Wisconsin is fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom's little helper

When I'm with the girls alone at dinner time I usually end up eating with one hand while feeding one of them. I could, of course, delay eating all together. I find managing the kids much more difficult if I have low blood sugar, though =) So, I just take what I can get.

Yesterday evening I set Noelle's food out on her table, set Cora's bottle* down next to her and went to get my food from the microwave. When I came back 2 seconds later with my food I found this:

Mom's little helper**

It was Noelle to the rescue! She heard a fussy baby and knew just what to do. I had the wonderful opportunity to eat my dinner with two hands! Granted, I had to eat it in two minutes; that adorable scene didn't last too long. Still, it was a wonderful break =)

Thanks, sweetie!

* I am nursing Cora, but I allow myself one relief bottle a day - usually in the evening when things are hectic and everyone is a little cranky from being tired and hungry. It also keeps her used to taking bottles, which is a good thing!
 ** That's an eleven-week-old baby. I don't think she could be any, um, healthier =)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The day after Halloween

Halloween was a huge hit with Noelle yesterday. More accurately, trick-or-treating was a huge hit. Alex surprised Noelle by coming home early to take her trick-or-treating and she was absolutely thrilled!

The little monkey

At first, Noelle didn't want to put her monkey suit on. I explained that if she put her suit on she could go to houses with her pumpkin* and get treats from people. She thought about it for about 5-10 seconds and then said "Monkey suit on!".

The girls together

Cora's costume, understandably, only lasted about 30 seconds. I don't blame her. Anyway, that monster head wouldn't fit in her stroller and I didn't really feel like carrying her for the walk =)

Looking for some good houses

Noelle quickly learned how to identify good houses by their decorations. After being shy at the first one or two homes, she got the hang of things. She would march right up to the door, ring the bell, put her pumpkin down and say 'treat' when someone appeared. She was a hit. 

She also carried her pumpkin the whole time, ('No! My pumpkin!' was said any time we offered to help!). That was impressive, considering it was half full by the time we got home. Little girl had quite the haul!

This morning, predictably, the first thing Noelle said was "Mama, come! More pumpkin treat!". Try explaining the 'holidays only come once a year' concept to a two-year-old =)

Extra Cora shot... camouflaged on her blanket!

*We've had this pumpkin for about 6 weeks. She keeps sand toys in it normally and already loves it. When she wants to go to the park to play in the sand she shouts "Play pumpkin!?"