Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Visits!

My goodness, the Thanksgiving weekend flew by and we're only just catching our breath. We all had so much fun that I think we're still dizzy!

The Thanksgiving highlight for Noelle (aside from a drop-in visit from her Daddy) was meeting my cousin Laura's two little girls*. Noelle was glued to Mercedes (6) and Catalina (4); she literally didn't take her eyes off of them and followed every move they made =)

Look at our fairy wands...

...and our wings!**

The crew: Lindsey, Alex, Laura - holding Cora, Catalina (blocked by Noelle), my sister Stacy, Mercedes (in the wings!), and Sarah (Ian's, my brother-in-law, sister) and her 16-month-old-son, Alex.
After Thanksgiving things only got better; we received a visit from Noelle and Cora's great-grandparents! My father's mom & dad made a trip up to meet/see all of their great-grandkids!

My grandparents, Francis & Camilla Brock, with their great-grandchildren Noelle, Jack & Cora

Hanging out with Jack

The girls, hanging out

Noelle also conducted a huge right of passage - hanging her first Christmas tree ornament! It was a wonderful, family-filled long weekend!

So pretty

Trying on her new holiday dress

Hello there, little man

* Does that make these girls second cousins? I have no idea.
** I ordered these crafts for the girls from Kiwi Crate; awesome product!

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