Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mom's little helper

When I'm with the girls alone at dinner time I usually end up eating with one hand while feeding one of them. I could, of course, delay eating all together. I find managing the kids much more difficult if I have low blood sugar, though =) So, I just take what I can get.

Yesterday evening I set Noelle's food out on her table, set Cora's bottle* down next to her and went to get my food from the microwave. When I came back 2 seconds later with my food I found this:

Mom's little helper**

It was Noelle to the rescue! She heard a fussy baby and knew just what to do. I had the wonderful opportunity to eat my dinner with two hands! Granted, I had to eat it in two minutes; that adorable scene didn't last too long. Still, it was a wonderful break =)

Thanks, sweetie!

* I am nursing Cora, but I allow myself one relief bottle a day - usually in the evening when things are hectic and everyone is a little cranky from being tired and hungry. It also keeps her used to taking bottles, which is a good thing!
 ** That's an eleven-week-old baby. I don't think she could be any, um, healthier =)

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