Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas!

We had a wonderful holiday and hope that you all did too! I'll keep the commentary short and just give the photo summary. Enjoy =)

Clearly, we were in California too long. *Almost* the most exciting thing about Christmas - and the following few days - was the snow!
 The sisters' first snow outing together

 Making spiced apple cider - Dad's favorite

 The annual gingerbread house - Mom's favorite

Break from opening presents

 I'm the chef of the house now!

 I'll put this to good use =)

 Learning how to make snow angels!

 Who wouldn't love being pulled in a sled?

 Playing with Daddy

 Hanging out with Mommy

 Doing the heavy lifting

Even our dogs - aka 0.0% body fat walking skeletons - love the snow! Suka was shivering and still wouldn 't go inside!

 Run run run!

Look out! Coming through!

Knee deep and couldn't be happier =)

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hello, friends. Sorry we've been a little MIA. Things were crazy with the move; we have now finally landed in Ithaca.

Noelle has been enjoying her new house and all of the outdoor space a great deal. Many fun pictures to come of that, I'm sure. The first few highlights were these, however;

My first Christmas Tree - that I cut down myself! (with Daddy's help)

My new bed!

The dogs are big fans of their new beds as well =)

Clearly, very comfortable.

Cora doesn't seem to notice the changes (no surprise). She has just been doing a lot of this (thankfully!)


I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a good picture of the girls in their new home. This is the best I have snapped so far:
What, you expect smiles?

One thing has certainly made Noelle smile; SNOW! While it has been snowing on and off the last few days nothing stuck. This morning we were greeted with a few inches of fresh, beautiful snow. Yay! Noelle chirped constantly "Me play outside? Play outside soon?" all morning until we finally got her dressed to go out and enjoy the fascinating white stuff:

All set!

She had a great time running around, playing with her usual toys and especially kicking a ball through the snow. After almost 45 minutes she was finally cold enough to agree to come in and experience the best part of playing in the show:

Hot chocolate!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday Brunch

On Sunday we went to the annual holiday brunch at my parents' country club. When my siblings and I were growing up there were other holiday events we went to. So, we've never been to this brunch before. It was a surprise what a fun event it was! Noelle, especially, had a blast. If we're ever in WI in early December again, we'll be going =)

The brunch crew

Not really into meeting Santa

Cora's turn

Jack and Cora together =)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wisconsin Update

The girls and I are still hanging out in WI. Nothing Earth shattering is going on; just lots of fun doing simple things =)

Look at my new hat!

Chatting with Grandpa after work

Watching Sesame Street

Making noodles!


Hanging with Grandma and Grandpa!