Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Christmas!

We had a wonderful holiday and hope that you all did too! I'll keep the commentary short and just give the photo summary. Enjoy =)

Clearly, we were in California too long. *Almost* the most exciting thing about Christmas - and the following few days - was the snow!
 The sisters' first snow outing together

 Making spiced apple cider - Dad's favorite

 The annual gingerbread house - Mom's favorite

Break from opening presents

 I'm the chef of the house now!

 I'll put this to good use =)

 Learning how to make snow angels!

 Who wouldn't love being pulled in a sled?

 Playing with Daddy

 Hanging out with Mommy

 Doing the heavy lifting

Even our dogs - aka 0.0% body fat walking skeletons - love the snow! Suka was shivering and still wouldn 't go inside!

 Run run run!

Look out! Coming through!

Knee deep and couldn't be happier =)

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