Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bounce House!

To get away from the chilly wind today we headed to a wonderful, indoor bounce-house place in the local mall.

For $6.50 your kid (10 and under) can bounce around for an hour (Noelle made it 40 min before she wanted a snack). Only $1 more gets you another hour. Frankly, I'm surprised this place wasn't packed. $6.50 for peace from the energy of a cooped-up toddler sounds like a deal to me!

They have a toddler bounce house and three larger bounce houses. We started in the toddler area.

Really, this is it?

If you know Noelle, you'll already have guessed that she lasted about 2 minutes in the toddler area. Then, it was on to the fun stuff!

On top of the world!

Weeee (Clearly, iPhone needs a faster shutter speed)

Cora, for her part, has been extremely busy. She seems to have really entered the 'baby' stage and is definitely no longer an 'infant'. She's making cute babbling noises, rolling all over the place, and seems interested in everything. Of particular interest is a play station she got for Christmas. She spends 15-20 minutes at a time perfectly happy in there. 

Serious business, this playing

Finally, I'll leave you with a little clip of the sisters together =)
Noelle loves taking care of Cora

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