Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Tooth and New Couch

Cora cut her first tooth yesterday. We were pretty surprised she is teething already; not because it's earlier then normal for babies, but because Noelle didn't get her first tooth for almost two more months! Here is a cute clip of Cora alleviating her sore gums. I have found yet another use for the wonderful frozen grape =)

Ah, that's better

Yesterday our rental couches were picked up so the couches that we ordered could be delivered today. Noelle took advantage of the one night of big, open space in our living room!

Toddler play!

Finally, the couches arrived today! That was another fun-filled activity for Noelle; pillows everywhere! Now, we have lovely new furniture to relax on =)

That's a big couch for a little girl!

Sister time

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