Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lazy Sunday

We have finally settled into a routine and are starting to feel at home.

Two days a week (Wednesday and Friday) the girls go to daycare while I work from home. Both girls have settled in well at daycare and Noelle especially loves it. When she comes home she tells us all about her day. Baking cupcakes was a big hit last week!

The rest of the week we simply hang out and have fun. In addition to the Science Center (it's awesome, expect a post on that soon!) I hope to be spending more time at the public library with the girls. They have weekly story time and play time for toddlers =)

Today has been a perfect Sunday. We had a nice brunch with Daddy at a local diner. Then, he was on his way to D.C. for the week and us girls are just relaxing at home.

Taking a bath?

Story time =)

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