Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Car

We are a two-car family again. With some help from my parents we secured a Dodge Durango during the Cristmas-New Year sale week:

Our new ride

It has more features then I'll probably ever use. Heck, I can't even operate the new iPhone I got today (email me if you'd like my new number =)). Most importantly, though, we now have enough room for the kids and the dogs to fit in one vehicle. Life just got a lot easier!


  1. Nice! Perfect for the snowy weather.

  2. It’s a smart decision that you bought a car during the holidays because most dealerships offer lower car prices than usual. Since you have kids and dogs, I think the Dodge Durango is just perfect for your family. In fact, you still have space for your cargo, in case you’ll use this for travel. I wish you a happy 2013.

  3. It seems that most people bought a new car for the year 2013. They did not let the holiday car sale pass by without getting one, especially those car enthusiasts and big families that are looking for a bigger car, just like you. Anyway, the Dodge Durango is a smart choice as a family car. Congrats!

  4. The holiday season is one of the best times to purchase a car. It's because car dealers offer great promos and discounts during this period. And you can also consider it as a wonderful present to your family. You have more reasons to be jolly because of that! :D