Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week of Sick

Alex was out of town from last Sunday to late Friday night. The week for us girls started off okay.

Monday was freakishly warm, 55 degrees! I decided to try and take advantage by building a compost bin which I've been dying to do, but I need unfrozen ground to plant it in. So, the girls and I headed to Lowes to get the lumber (we were quite the site!) and nails. Big mistake on the nails. I knew I should use screws but I didn't want to be using a power tool with Noelle playing around me. Thus, instead of a compost bin, I ended up with a pile of wood that wouldn't stay together.

Compost Bin Fail!*

The next day the low was 15 degrees. Opportunity lost. Now, we'll have a pile of wood sitting in our garage until spring. This wasn't a complete waste though, since while I worked and Cora napped in the stroller, Noelle got to enjoy the pathetically small amount of snow that remained.

Making the best of the available snow

Tuesday, as karma would have it with Alex out of town, the girls came down sick and I caught it shortly thereafter**. While Noelle and I had fevers on and off Cora, thankfully, did not. I think we just had really bad colds. Still, the week was filled with very little sleep and a huge amount of laundry. All the sheets, blankets, and burp cloths had to be washed daily. That's how much fun we had =(

It wasn't all a loss, though. While we were stuck inside we still had some fun. There was a great deal of watching Sesame Street in bed (even in the middle of the night!)*** Noelle also put the poor, otherwise useless nails to a good cause; making a rain stick!

'Reading' Together

Noelle's first rain stick - a la paper towel roll, nails, dried navy beans and stickers =)

* Isn't Noelle's tiny wheel barrel cute =)
** Predictable outcome of the girls starting daycare the week before
*** I am now oh so grateful that Alex got me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas!

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