Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Catching Up

Sorry for the delayed posting. I'm going to try and make posting more regular - once a week, anyway. Grandparents, you'll be pleased =)

The last few weeks have been relatively uneventful. Everyone finally got well, just in time for Cora to start teething! Here we are during half time while watching the Super Bowl (way past everyone's bedtime).

We can't miss the half time show!

Cora was up complaining about her sore gums and Noelle was nursing a 24 hour stomach bug. At least we had entertainment! They started sleeping well after that; that is, until last night when Mommy wanted to be watching the state of the union address. I swear, kids have radar for the nights we really want them to sleep.

Baking is a regular activity at our house. Noelle loves everything about it; the preparation, measuring, stirring and, of course, eating. I need to come up with something else since I'm the one eating most of the baked goods, though. Noelle at least finished off a few of the donuts we cooked up.

Mmmm, yummy

We're starting to think we should get Noelle's eyes checked because she watches TV like this:

Close, and...
and this:

...even closer

At least she has found additional ways to entertain herself when she's up there: 

Much prettier

And, for no good reason, here's an extra doggie shot. 

Man, life is hard

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