Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week of Routine

Mom's helper

With the exception of Alex being out of town, last week was a perfect example of the routine we've settled into here. On the days I have the girls (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) I try to get us all out of the house for some fun activity in the morning. We spend the afternoons doing chores around the house, running errands, or just playing. Oh, and learning to eat!

Getting the hang of things*

Last week our morning outings were to the Library, Science Center, and Longview, an assisted living facility down the road from us. Unfortunately, I keep forgetting that the iPhone takes decent pictures! I especially wish I had thought to take pictures of our outing to Longview.

We were there on Thursday, Valentines' Day, with a group of other moms and their little kids to pass out valentines to the residents. It was really sweet. Noelle had made little princess valentines (lots of stickers were involved!) and she was so pleased to hand them out to people. Even Cora was a doll, happily letting the residents hold her.

Later that afternoon Cora was not so 'sweet'. Classic baby poop explosion. After cleaning her up as best as I could (many baby wipes were involved) I abandoned her on the floor while I went to run her bath**. When I came back to get her 1 minute later she was making the best of her desolate situation, playing with the now nearly empty wipe container =)

Making the best of things

Five minutes later she was back to playing while properly clothed.

This is more like it

Dad got back late Friday evening; just in time for a second trip to the science center***.

Oooh, fish!

The world is a colorful place!

Like many 2.5-year-olds, the highlight of most days for Noelle is this:


* It's funny how different baby #2 is. While she got her teeth two months earlier, she hasn't shown any real interest in food even though she's almost 6 months; Noelle was chowing down at 4 months!
** No worries about her being cold; it was 80 degrees in the room thanks to the sunny day and our South-facing wall of windows.
*** We're taking that family membership for all it's worth

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