Saturday, April 20, 2013

Morning with Mommy

This morning Noelle and I stole some quality time together. The Animal Science Department at Cornell was hosting a Barnyard Fun Day. It was perfect for Noelle! She saw way too many cool animals for me to list them all. I'll paraphrase:

This is only some of what she did!

I would have loved to have taken a picture of her holding the baby chicks, but I was too busy making sure she didn't crush them! =)

On the way home we stopped at the upper trail entrance to Buttermilk Falls State Park. This little-known access point is a quick way to get to an accessible part of the stream. This is about 1.5 miles downstream from our house. (It's the same stream that runs through the back of our yard.) 

I thought Noelle would like being able to walk right up to the water and throw rocks in, etc. It was another toddler score!

Hanging out by the stream

 Throwing rocks never gets old

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Recovery

It seems that everyone is 'in recovery' at our house. I'm still wiped from a half marathon I ran on Sunday (my own fault, since I didn't really train for it!) and the girls had a stomach bug on Monday & Tuesday.

At least the girls were well enough to enjoy some quality time with Daddy this weekend. On Saturday morning, while I was busy doing something else, Alex took the girls to an open house at Cornell's Vet School. Noelle was soooo excited to tell me about all of the animals she saw!

Baby cow!

Then, while I ran on Sunday morning, Alex hung out with the girls at his office. Noelle got to tear up his workroom, watch movies, and cover his giant white board with her art =) 

Holding down the fort

When I got back everyone was fed and happy. Not a bad deal!
Mommy done running?

As a little aside; how cute is Cora in her new (to us) high chair?

I like the view from up here!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's only Tuesday?!?

My goodness, it's hard to believe that it is only Tuesday; not because time has been dragging on, but because we have been doing so much to enjoy our recent good weather! =)

Sunday Morning:

First highchair experience!

Sunday Afternoon:

Monday Morning:

Jog by the waterfront in the double stroller

Pit-stop at a park along the way

Monday Afternoon:

Snack time on the porch

Tuesday Morning:

 Sooooo many balls!

Bang Bang Bang!
Tuesday Afternoon:

Family picnic dinner at the fire pit =)

Mmmm, why haven't you given me graham crackers before?

I love S'mores!
* Cora started out in the baby carrier; you can see how long that lasted. Alex just carried Cora while Noelle hitched a ride! We were only walking 1.5 miles so, no big deal =)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Entertaining with Kiddos

I should have taken more pictures this morning and afternoon, because we all had a wonderful and silly time. Unfortunately, we were too busy to really think about photos! We're lucky enough to have some friends in the area with kiddos the same ages as ours. This morning, we had another couple and their two girls over for brunch and a play date.

The toddlers love playing together and are old enough now that we can just throw them outside for a few minutes and drink coffee while they run around =) The babies also enjoyed their social time! There are definitely more play dates like this in our future!

Baby chat

Bubble time!

Enjoying a post-playing nap

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Weekend

Well, technically it wasn't a long weekend for us since Cornell doesn't observe Good Friday for its faculty and staff (bummer!). It sure felt like a long weekend for us, though, with the wonderful weather. We got outside as much as we could!

Hanging out on the deck

Going for a walk

Okay, we're a little bundled up for the walk since it was colder on Sunday. We were determined to pretend it was still warm, though!

Traditional Easter activities also took place. Noelle did a great job coloring eggs:

I love this!

She looks rather serious in the photo, but she is always very focused when doing an art project that she likes =) Last year she was just as determined while coloring eggs! (I am constantly amazed by how fast she is changing!) Since it was a little too cool outside, we hid her eggs and candy around the house:

All ready to hunt

Needless to say, just like her pumpkin full of candy after Halloween, that basket will be going everywhere with us until it is empty =)