Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Recovery

It seems that everyone is 'in recovery' at our house. I'm still wiped from a half marathon I ran on Sunday (my own fault, since I didn't really train for it!) and the girls had a stomach bug on Monday & Tuesday.

At least the girls were well enough to enjoy some quality time with Daddy this weekend. On Saturday morning, while I was busy doing something else, Alex took the girls to an open house at Cornell's Vet School. Noelle was soooo excited to tell me about all of the animals she saw!

Baby cow!

Then, while I ran on Sunday morning, Alex hung out with the girls at his office. Noelle got to tear up his workroom, watch movies, and cover his giant white board with her art =) 

Holding down the fort

When I got back everyone was fed and happy. Not a bad deal!
Mommy done running?

As a little aside; how cute is Cora in her new (to us) high chair?

I like the view from up here!

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