Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Weekend

Well, technically it wasn't a long weekend for us since Cornell doesn't observe Good Friday for its faculty and staff (bummer!). It sure felt like a long weekend for us, though, with the wonderful weather. We got outside as much as we could!

Hanging out on the deck

Going for a walk

Okay, we're a little bundled up for the walk since it was colder on Sunday. We were determined to pretend it was still warm, though!

Traditional Easter activities also took place. Noelle did a great job coloring eggs:

I love this!

She looks rather serious in the photo, but she is always very focused when doing an art project that she likes =) Last year she was just as determined while coloring eggs! (I am constantly amazed by how fast she is changing!) Since it was a little too cool outside, we hid her eggs and candy around the house:

All ready to hunt

Needless to say, just like her pumpkin full of candy after Halloween, that basket will be going everywhere with us until it is empty =)

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