Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer in full swing!

The swings keep getting better and better!

We're continuing to enjoy the abundance of nice weather. To help make home a little more fun, Noelle received some equipment. First (and I think her favorite) is a little sandbox. 

'Crabby' the sandbox is my new best bud!

Noelle was sooo excited when she saw the sandbox that we were on our way to Lowes immediately to buy sand; at 6:30 am! It was very adorable, though, just how enthusiastic she was. I wish more people than the two staff opening the store got to see her beam as she bought her sand =) (Mommy wishes there was someone else to load/unload all 250 lbs of it too! Who needs a gym membership when you have little kids?)

This is the only time she wore her clothes in it. She has been stripping down to her underwear and sneaking outside when we're not looking to get in it! She also has a new water table (which she's almost always naked around!). At what age does modesty kick in? =) Finally, somewhere to enjoy her lunch in the shade:

This is just my size!

Noelle also CANNOT get enough of playing with her bucket and shovel. Best 99 cents I ever spent!

Hurray for the 'beach'

We did have a little bit of icky weather over the weekend. This was easily overcome by a trip to Daddy's office, though. Bubble wrap never.gets.old. =)

This stuff is hysterical!

Friday, May 17, 2013

More Swinging!

We'll be doing this all summer long!

Really, childhood fun doesn't get any more basic then swinging. Noelle can't ask to go to a park often enough and, if she could talk, I think Cora would say the same. Added bonus for mom: this activity keeps them both happy and stuck in the same location! =)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Eats

Sunday was a 'busy' celebration day for us because it was both Mother's Day and Alex's Birthday! Alex and I decided to mutually celebrate with a lunch at Ithaca Brew Co. We like to make an effort to support business... you know, the brewery and wineries!

Lunch with Daddy!

We attempted to make sure the girls had fun with the celebration too =)

Mmmm... Root Beer Float!

Creme brulee? More please!

The desert was really just a perk, though. Noelle can fun no matter where she goes.

Hanging out at Home Depot =)

Outdoor fun is still in full swing, even though it has cooled off a bit. Yesterday I took the girls to a quick outing at a park. Amidst other shenanigans, the girls enjoyed their first 'swing' together. Very cute! 

Enjoying her ride

Swinging sisters!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekend with the Grandparents

Alex's parents came for a visit last weekend. So, Alex and I stole the opportunity to get away and do some wine tasting! We had an awesome time; but it looks like the kiddos did alright for themselves too =)


Chewing on anything I can find; my mouth hurts =(

Hanging out on the deck!

More chairs just for us =)

Man, I'm beat!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toddler Fetch

You know how babies love to drop things, and drop things, and drop things? Gravity is cool; I get it. Still, it's annoying. The second time around, however, it isn't so bad. Why? See:

Toddler Fetch