Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Eats

Sunday was a 'busy' celebration day for us because it was both Mother's Day and Alex's Birthday! Alex and I decided to mutually celebrate with a lunch at Ithaca Brew Co. We like to make an effort to support business... you know, the brewery and wineries!

Lunch with Daddy!

We attempted to make sure the girls had fun with the celebration too =)

Mmmm... Root Beer Float!

Creme brulee? More please!

The desert was really just a perk, though. Noelle can fun no matter where she goes.

Hanging out at Home Depot =)

Outdoor fun is still in full swing, even though it has cooled off a bit. Yesterday I took the girls to a quick outing at a park. Amidst other shenanigans, the girls enjoyed their first 'swing' together. Very cute! 

Enjoying her ride

Swinging sisters!

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