Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Months Old!

Cora is 10 months old today! My goodness, time is flying!

Not a little baby any more!

Cora had a Dr's appointment yesterday and her ears (which have had some infection trouble) checked out a-okay. She's also down to 80th% in weight. All that crawling is starting to lean little missy out =)

To celebrate Cora's milestone, and take advantage of the beautiful 70 degree weather, the girls and I went for a hike and picnic in Upper Buttermilk Falls State Park. Just a few miles from our house, this is a lovely resource to have =)

On our 'hike'

Water fun!

Our double BOB stroller* is perfect for outings like this. Cora can chill in the stroller and Noelle can walk or ride, depending on her mood. Best of all, I can easily carry everything we need for a comfortable outing; food, extra clothes, blankets, toys, etc. So, we were able to have a lovely picnic in the woods, far away from the cars.
Food tastes better out here =)

* The only down side is that this stroller is huge - it definitely requires a SUV or minivan to transport it!

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  1. So happy for you to have such great companions to enjoy the outdoors with.