Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rainy Weather

We have had quite a bit of rain the last week. It hasn't cramped our style much, though. Noelle was excited to put her rain boots and coat to good use!

Ready to hike in the rain!

Two minutes later, while I was a bit distracted with Cora, Noelle headed straight into the stream and fell down; soaking her pants and filling her boots with water! Fortunately, we always travel with spare clothes and shoes =)

Let's try this again

Watching from the stroller

Noelle is officially in what I've started to call the 'me do it self' phase. It's great that she's excited about dressing herself etc. and usually all it means is things take a bit longer. Getting her own food, however, has proved a bit problematic!

Cereal, um, oops

Can't have too many goldfish, right?!

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