Saturday, July 27, 2013


After our relaxing stay in Indiana we made a quick drive over to my maternal-grandmother's home in Illinois. Great-grandma Case was ready to receive the girls with a very special treat; making ice cream!

Cream, sugar, strawberries and voila! Ice cream =)

It's best on a cone!

One morning we took a drive over to Exploration Station, a children's museum not far away. Cora got to crawl around to her heart's content and Noelle explored everything from grocery shopping to fossil digging. The highlight for both girls seemed to be the simplest exhibit; a little jeep that they could sit in together and 'drive'. Cora was so upset when I finally took her out!

Riding together

Another high-point for Noelle was a walk along the Kankakee River. Man, that child loves throwing rocks into the water!

Sunset walk

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