Thursday, August 8, 2013

Play Dates

Cora and Noelle have been lucky enough to have a friend, Jacob, over for some play dates.

Heading out for a ride*

Jacob is ~2, right in between Noelle and Cora. So, the three of them have been able to play really nicely together.

Chilling with Cora

Sharing nicely with Noelle

In fact, they were doing so well that I took this picture to show my friends (his parents) how sweetly he was playing:
Water table fun

Notice my two little angels in the background? Yeah, Noelle dumping water on Cora's head has become a regular theme. Most of the time Cora likes it... most of the time =)

* Cora was strapped to me in the baby carrier. The four of us were quite the sight!

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