Friday, August 16, 2013


Little Noelle isn't so little anymore; she has transitioned up to one of the 'preschool' rooms at her daycare!

At Cascadilla Gorge*

She has made the change very smoothly and seems to really be enjoying herself. Toddler rooms have 1.5-3 year-olds and the preschool rooms have 3-5 year-olds. The new dynamic of being the youngest in the room is really helping her blossom.

Today, on the car ride home, she described an art project she did - jellyfish. In her words: "Jellyfish have worms for legs! And they swim, in the water, like fish!**

Our big girl!

* Clothes, obviously, are optional
** I should really start keeping a journal of the hysterical things toddlers say. Another example; earlier this week she told me we should get her a baby brother when her baby sister gets broken =) 

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