Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Wrap-Up

The season of birthdays is almost over in the Hayes household. The last hurrah is a joint birthday party for the girls this Sunday. Tons of 'littles' are coming with their parents and if the weather is nice we'll be roasting marshmallows!

One birthday tradition we're borrowing from my family is for daddy to get the girls roses on their birthday - one for each year (up to a point, we'll see!).

Cora's first birthday rose

Can you tell that Noelle picked these roses?

These little girls are already growing up sooo fast!

Our big girls

Noelle's favorite present this year, I think, is her ballet gear. She started a combination ballet/tap/run around and be silly class last Saturday. Every day since she has been wearing her tap shoes around the house and asking when she can go to dance class again!
Ready for her first class*

* No shoes because the ones I got her were way too small. FYI to other moms out there, ballet and tap shoes run 1.5-2 sizes small. She now has ones that fit!

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