Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Farm Weekend

For the long Labor Day weekend we headed to Mountain Dale Farms in McClure, PA for some good, old-fashioned R&R.

The Crew: Arvind, Margot, Laura, Lindsey, Cora, Alex & Noelle

Our good friends, Arvind & Laura, met us there with their adorable daughter, Margot. Margot and Noelle became fast friends and it was hard keeping track of these two as they ran around enjoying all the toddler wonders that the farm had to offer. It was so great to just relax, watch the kiddos have fun, and catch up with friends!

There are too many good photos to choose from. So, below is a bit of a memory card dump; summarizing our wonderful (and tiring, for the parents!) weekend =)

 Exploring the grounds

Fast friends

Chilling with baby girl

 Special time with the Dads

Dirt pile conquerors!

Enjoying the quiet pace of farm life

Geez mom, turn around so I can see that horse!

Here kitty kitty

Hanging out in the cabin

Can't get too much hammock time

Break in the action to gather energy

Feeding pigs!

First roller skating attempt


  1. What awesome pictures! I love the one in the hammock, and Cora craning to see the horse. Margot has been asking to go back to 'Noelle's house'...

    1. Haha, yeah; Noelle has been calling the farm 'Margot's House =)