Sunday, October 27, 2013

Apple Picking!

Back in August the girls and I went peach picking at Indian Creek Farm. We had such a great time there that this afternoon we all headed back for some apple picking with friends!

Heading out to the dwarf orchard

The dwarf orchard (short trees) was the obvious choice for us so the little girls could do most of the picking on their own.
Grabbing those apples

We were surprised by the huge variety of apples available; most of which I couldn't identify on sight. Before we knew it, we had loaded up with 14 lbs of apples! When we got home this evening we made a fantastic apple-medley apple crisp.

Chilling at the farm stand

The girls 'hanging out' together*

* We're very luck to have some friends with girls the same ages as ours; it makes social family outings very fun!

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