Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cora Belle

Cora, who has acquired the nickname 'Cora Belle', is at a crazy fun age. It is so great to see her personality starting to come out! Here are some of the wonderful things we have learned about Cora so far.

Happy playing by herself 

Unless she is sick, hungry, dirty or tired, chances are Cora is off somewhere happily playing by herself. She crawls around, looks at books, plays with toys and just generally explores to her heart's content. It makes the quiet moments reading or playing with her all the more special because they are rare!

Almost never still

In-line with the happily playing, Cora is always on the move. Don't tell her that most kiddos her age are walking; the crawling isn't slowing her down!

Likes putting things in their place

She likes to play with manipulative toys right now, especially things that she can 'put away'. She'll happily unload/load a box of blocks over and over. The same goes for the ring toy in the video above. It seams she never tires of putting those rings on and taking them off.

Cora loves music

Honestly, I'll be a little surprised if any of our kids are musically inclined. It seems that Cora, though, has the best shot so far! This little girl loves to clap to music, move and 'shake-her-thing' like she's doing in the above video. One of the few times she has pitched a fit in public was when a guitar player we were listening to stopped playing. She can't seem to get enough of it =)

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