Thursday, October 3, 2013

Perfect Fall Day

Every so often we get one of those days where everything goes well, everyone is in a good mood, and we have so much fun together. Today was one of those days =)

The fall weather has been beautiful so the girls and I took advantage! First, we headed to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse this morning. This is more of a children's zoo than a 'full' zoo, but it was perfect for our girls. Noelle walked the whole thing herself (and the grounds were beautiful!). Two and half hours was just enough time for us to see everything, have lunch, and then pack it into the car for naps on the way home =)

 Beautiful place, really

 Good 'ole Monkey House

 Swim, penguins, swim!

 Hanging out with the tigers

 Who's that cute penguin?

 Our little lion

Mmmm, lunch

When we got home it was still absolutely beautiful outside, so we headed out to the fire pit in the backyard and hung out for a few hours making/eating s'mores and playing in leaves.


Gotta love the crackers!
Fire Pit Fun
Finally, the girls rounded out the afternoon with some quality sandbox time (while Mom got the bath ready!). I don't know why, but Noelle hates getting her clothes sandy. This is how she always is in the sandbox =)
Digging away

Bedtime went very smoothly this evening; those girls were tired!

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