Wednesday, November 6, 2013

She did it!

Ever since moving to Ithaca last December we have been going to the Sciencenter roughly once a week. One exhibit that we often play with is a set of wooden blocks designed to teach kids how arches work.

We must have tried to get this thing to stand on two dozen occasions and never succeeded; until yesterday, that is!

She is soooo proud!

It only stayed up for about 30 seconds but that was long enough to get Noelle's victory picture!

Side story: Explaining to Noelle that we have a new baby coming has lead to some pretty adorable toddler conversations. Here are a few cute examples =)

Talking to Cora last week:
Noelle: "Cora, we're getting a new baby! It's in mama's tummy right now, but it'll come out when it gets bigger!"

In bed this morning:
Me: "Ouch, honey, please don't sit on my stomach."
Noelle: "'Cause there's a baby in there?"
Me: "Yeah, it needs some room."
Noelle: "What name is it?"
Me: "We don't know the baby's name yet since we haven't found out if it's a boy or a girl. The Dr. can tell us soon."
Noelle: "Me no want a baby brother. Me want another sister like Cora!"

Aww, cute. Now she likes her sister. Originally, she thought getting a new baby meant we'd get it "once Cora got broken."! A few minutes later...

Noelle: "Does Daddy have a baby in his tummy, too?"
Me: "No, sweetie, only Mommies can do that."
Noelle: "Why?"
Me: "Because Mommies and Daddies are different."
Noelle: "Okay."

No further explanation needed =)

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