Sunday, December 15, 2013

Highlights of a Busy Week

The girls and I were flying solo this week until Alex got back from a conference late Saturday night. That didn't stop us from getting a ton of fun packed into the week, though!

Cora is learning to enjoy her full-fledged toddler status. She figured out that she can move her stool around to access previously out-of-reach items. Wonderful =)

I'll just help myself

With the winter temperatures and snow cover food pickings are become scarce and the local wildlife is getting creative. On several occasions the local band of turkeys invaded our yard to eat crab apples off the tree. It was pretty comical watching them hop up and down to snag the fruit =) Fortunately, for the turkeys, I noticed them before I let the dogs outside!

Crab apple buffet

Tuesday morning we hosted a cookie-decorating party. Pictured below are less then half of the participants; we had a very busy, fun-filled house!

Getting festive

Some cold and windy weather kept us inside, but we made the best of it.

Snacks on the couch; special treat =)

Between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon the girls and I went to three holiday parties. It was a whirlwind of sugar, fun, food, and craziness. Fortunately (for me) many people helped me keep track of the girls! Unfortunately, I was so busy with them I didn't get many pictures!
Enjoying the ride-on toys together

Whew, that was tiring!

This morning dad was back to share in the fun. Also, with the temperatures being a little warmer, we were able to make it outside for some snow play!
Snow is the best!

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