Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Returning to Normal

Last week, while Alex was gone (of course), we had a pipe freeze and burst in the house; flooding the living room and our guest room/office below. So, the girls and I were a bit distracted with clean up and mitigation work going on.

Now that everything is dry we're getting folks in to look at fixing things and are more-or-less back to normal in the house =)

The girls became hooked on my Kindle last week; we did a lot of 'little TV' watching in the bedroom and kitchen since the living room was off-limits.

Cookies and Dora, great way to end the night

We also got out of the house as much as possible. Saturday morning we headed over to an indoor play space at the Ithaca Youth Bureau. Surprisingly, I hadn't taken the girls there before. We'll definitely be more frequent visitors!

Driving around

Hitching a ride with Dad

Today had a few fun surprises also. This morning I hit a wonderful 'mom-of-two' milestone; my oldest got my youngest a snack! I was busy with something and Cora started clamoring for more to eat:

Noelle to the rescue!

Finally, while Noelle took an epic 3-hour nap, Cora and I had fun with this:

A stroller for kids of all ages =)

This beauty, the Baby Trend Sit N' Stand Ultra, can handle any combination of two of our soon-to-be three kids. It can hold the car seat in the front (where Cora is sitting above) or back positions. When the car seat isn't there Noelle can ride either sitting on the bench or standing on the platform under the handle. Noelle can fit in the front seat, too. All cup holders and snack trays are removable/interchangeable, etc. Basically, we're all set!

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  1. oh no I've heard some scary stories of people getting their pipe busted during the winter. That must have been quite the adventures for your ladies. Glad it is getting dry now.