Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bump Shot - Almost 32 Weeks =)

This pregnancy has been going by quickly! We're officially two months away from baby boy's due date!

Here's the bump!

*Hopefully* the house will be back in order soon. Things are progressing nicely. We now have floors (yay!), but they're still getting final coats/drying (boo!). 

Looking good =)
We've been living downstairs (no kitchen, gah!) since last Wednesday and it looks like the appliances and furniture can't be moved back until this coming Wednesday. 

Fortunately, the refrigerator is plugged in on the porch, so we can at least keep milk & yogurt around for the girls. Also, since the two bedrooms downstairs are fully functional again we're comfortable!

Hanging out in the basement

We caught a lucky break today with the weather; it was almost 50 degrees! We took advantage of the opportunity for a walk outside. Little Cora was determined to walk on her own; who needs a stroller? 'Baby' girl probably walked at least a half mile!

I can walk myself, thankyouverymuch!*

* My poor jacket wasn't made to contain that bump. Hopefully the warm weather will be around to stay soon!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our 'Little' Big Girl

Cora is quickly leaving babyhood behind and running full force into toddlerhood. It's hard to believe how quickly she has changed these last few months!

I can ride the big horse now =)

The first of her 'big' changes is moving from an infant room to a toddler room at her daycare. She's almost done transitioning to her new room (we'll see how Wednesday's drop-off goes). Toddler rooms have kiddos from 18 months to 3 years-old; so she'll have some wonderful, dynamic role models to learn from!

To help facilitate her transition at daycare I changed her crib to the toddler bed configuration a few days ago. (The toddlers sleep in cots instead of cribs at daycare). To her credit, little miss Cora has been doing very well with her new-found freedom. Aside from a few complaints at nap time and getting up a little early* in the morning, she has been going to bed smoothly and staying put.

At least, we thought she was staying put, ha! Last night when we peaked in on the girls before going to bed we found this:

Hey, that's not where one should sleep!**

She does look comfortable, though =)

Clearly, someone was up and about having some fun in the room! Overall, though, we're very impressed at how well she's doing. Fingers are crossed that we'll avoid a gopher (up/down/up/down) stage with Cora like we did with Noelle =)

* At 6am this morning (an hour before her normal 7am wake-up) she appeared in our doorway and shouted 'Hi!'. It's fun being able to go to Mom and Dad's room whenever you want!
** Note the huge couch cushion by her bed; just in case she should fall out =)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Remodel Underway: One room done!

Recovery from the great heater pipe burst of 2014 is finally underway! The contractor, Gifted Hands Contracting, has been in the house about a week and has already completed the basement room. Here's a quick before/after:

All dried out & ready for work

Now that looks better!

In addition to correcting the water damage, we had some nice improvements put in. The overhead light is new (why the original owners never installed one baffles me) and the ledge under the window is now a nice dark stain instead of the original white. We're quite please with the work! More pictures, as well as info on the contractor if any local folks are interested, can be found here: pics.

Work has now shifted to installing hardwood floors in the living room (in place of the icky carpet that was there). We're excited things are moving along =)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cuddle Bugs

The girls have been really sweet recently, especially with each other! Good timing, since we've been stuck inside a lot due to the weather and some illness =)

Little cuddle bugs

Best way to watch TV 

A few weeks ago Noelle and I did something very special together, we went to Noelle's first movie. She absolutely LOVED it. We saw Frozen, a story about two sister princesses. It was perfect for her. She sat very nicely on my lap for the whole movie (the gummy bears didn't hurt matters). As soon as the credits appeared she jumped up, put her arms over her head and yelled "Let's get ice cream!" at the top of her voice; had everyone around us in stitches =)

After movie treat

Cora's dairy consumption has been mostly yogurt recently, which she prefers to eat on her own. Hand, spoon, who really cares?

As long as it gets in the mouth, we're all good

Also, we have hit the 'tea party' phase with Noelle (and by default, Cora). We're having tea parties everywhere and anywhere. Of course by 'tea' we mean 'milk' and by 'party' we mean 'eating in normally off-limits locations'.

Nursery room floor; perfect snack location