Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bump Shot - Almost 32 Weeks =)

This pregnancy has been going by quickly! We're officially two months away from baby boy's due date!

Here's the bump!

*Hopefully* the house will be back in order soon. Things are progressing nicely. We now have floors (yay!), but they're still getting final coats/drying (boo!). 

Looking good =)
We've been living downstairs (no kitchen, gah!) since last Wednesday and it looks like the appliances and furniture can't be moved back until this coming Wednesday. 

Fortunately, the refrigerator is plugged in on the porch, so we can at least keep milk & yogurt around for the girls. Also, since the two bedrooms downstairs are fully functional again we're comfortable!

Hanging out in the basement

We caught a lucky break today with the weather; it was almost 50 degrees! We took advantage of the opportunity for a walk outside. Little Cora was determined to walk on her own; who needs a stroller? 'Baby' girl probably walked at least a half mile!

I can walk myself, thankyouverymuch!*

* My poor jacket wasn't made to contain that bump. Hopefully the warm weather will be around to stay soon!

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